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Jaguars are both diurnal and nocturnal.

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molly's Dewey Decimal Section:
127 The unconscious & the subconscious
molly's birthday: 12/7/2000 = 127+2000 = 2127

100 Philosophy & Psychology

Books on metaphysics, logic, ethics and philosophy.

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You're a careful thinker, but your life can be complicated and hard for others to understand at times. You try to explain things and strive to express yourself.
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I will be 8000 days old on Wednesday November 2nd, 2022
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Argentinian Horned frogs seem to have been designed for the sole purpose of eating as much as possible. They appear to consist of two main parts: a mouth and a stomach. This is probably where they got the nickname "PacMan". Their needs are fairly simple, a warm habitat in a simple plastic box or aquarium with some shallow water and a few rocks so that they can laze around all day suits them just fine. They don't mix well with other frogs, even in their own species, as they are just as likely to eat them.

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